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Dear candidate,

      thank you visited our site. Let me introduce you our company and offer you many years of experience and quality in the machining of machine parts and options and the subsequent assembly of smaller sub-machines.

      Company Metal Company Ltd. Founded in 1993 and since its inception, focused on the production of parts for western companies, not least for the German company. Most of the employees of our company was contracted at least 1 year (many open until 4 years) working in one of the German companies, which recognize the concept of 'German quality' improved in the German language and become acquainted with many new technologies in machining and subsequent measurements of finished parts.



    Because we are a small company with 25 employees, we can quickly respond to our customers, it is given the flexibility in meeting workload - on most machines are working in three-shift operation, if necessary, on Saturdays, if necessary. on Sunday.

    As is evident from our list of machinery, we are focused on Mazak brand, which is in our opinion, guarantee accuracy and reliability. And also it 100% substitution of each worker on each machine.

    We also have considerable experience in producing parts for packaging machines. For about four years we have been suppliers of Topack Verpackungstechnik GmbH, and hope that from this company would have us to get only the best preference
Among our other customers are firms  Hassia, ABEL, Senning and EMCO.

    We believe that we captivate you and give you enough information about our company. For specific queries relating to production,or any activity in our company, we answer them at phone number listed in contacts or in our mail address.

    We look forward to future cooperation.

Yours sincerely
Ladislav Hadroušek
Managing Director


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